4th of July Blow Out!

by Paige Six
(S.I. New York )

Last summer for the weekend of fourth of July, my family and I went up to celebrate my Tiiti and my daughter's birthdays which fall a day apart. This festival had live music during the morning, which progressively as the bands changed became more fast paced and easier to dance to.

We picked this particular Independence day block party festivity because we wanted to enjoy a nice time that ranged from my grandmother to my 2 year old daughter together as a unit. We were entertained by live jugglers and mimes, while my aunts and uncles were happy that there were hefty concession stands selling everything from chicken pram subs with french fries to empenadas and rice.

The festival was multi cultural, which was great because as a family we pride ourselves in the diversity within our own genes, and we all have different taste in food so that's that!

They offered a small train ride for the younger kids that was one ticket a ride, the tickets were affordable, 20 dollars for 50 tickets. The amusement also offered a giant blow up slide which my daughter was scared of after the first trip and a bigger ride that spun around for the older kids called 'The Twister'. They offered shade for the elderly and the tired in tents being that it was the 4th of July festival and it was hot out.

We were granted complimentary caricature pictures, as many as we wished as long as we were on a wait list for appointments for groups of 3 or less. It was a nice touch to add to the festivities.

At around 7 PM a DJ came in, and by 8 PM there was a five star fireworks show that lit up the sky. It was my daughter's first fireworks show and she was amazed despite how tired she was. It died down a bit for the families after that, we sat at the provided seating and finished some ice cream, the children were so exhausted that most of them passed out in their strollers immediately after finishing it. All around we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and we look forward to attending it again this year.

This really deserves to be called one of the best street parties.

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