Park Cleanup: It Starts With One Peace, Inc. We Are Changing The World!

by kimmy williamms shore
(Long Beach, CA)

Last Reviewed: June 14, 2024

Website Visitor Wrote: We have 3 simple Rules at It Starts With One Peace:

1. Turn the Water OFF while brushing your teeth. Saves water
2. Pick up ONE piece of trash daily. Keeps your City clean. Your hands can be Washed, the Earth cannot.
3. Smile at another human being. Because being kind takes ZERO time.

We started organizing Park cleanups last month. They take place on the first Saturday of every month at 12:30 p.m.

Believe it or not, it's actually fun! We talk trash, and get a lot done. Lot's of people say: Why should I pick up someone else's trash? The answer: Because they didn't. People can be lame, and we can show them by EXAMPLE that we do the right thing. The right thing is taking care of the place that you live in. We live not in cities or states, we ALL live in one place: Planet Earth.

Visit It Starts With One Peace, Inc. on Facebook Pages.

Thanks! :D

Editors' Comment: Being community development specialists, we like that although you have three principles for daily living, you've chosen a weekly park cleanup as a social activity. Enhancing your community is more fun than people who've never tried it can ever imagine.

It's amazing that people will just leave their trash anywhere, especially in a space that's supposed to belong to all of us. Yet your group seems to be thinking quite correctly that blaming other people's bad behavior isn't worth your time. Just taking care of a problem in your community is what counts.

Maybe there's another implication of your poster. When you talk about a park on a bluff, the trash is headed for a body of water sooner rather than later, as they say. Then not only the park, but also the stream, river, and ultimately the ocean is dirty too.

We need water to survive. Your park cleanup is truly a part of changing the world. Thanks for sharing your idea of community improvement with us. We hope more people will join you.

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