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January 28, 2021

20 Most Popular Topics on our Website in 2020, Small-Scale Zoning Fixes, Public Lands, Native Americans

January, 2021

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This month we repeat what has become a January tradition--telling you which pages of our website were most visited last year. The theory is that maybe the crowd's favorites will become yours too.

Without further introduction, here is this year's top 20, an intriguing mix of core planning and community development topics and site visitor concerns about authorities overreaching. Overall, it's a hopeful list, with 1 being the most visited page.

1. Community development ideas

2. Question about powers of the city in code enforcement

3. Rezoning opposition

4. How to start a petition

5. The community planning process

6. How to start a community development corporation

7. Community beautification

8. Church zoning

9. Question about the aims and objectives of community development

10. Cleaning up your neighborhood park

11. Question about code enforcement entering backyard

12. Another site visitor question about code enforcement officer rights

13. Question on HOA jurisdiction over backyards

14. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for communities

15. Code enforcement overview

16. Question about definition of a flag lot

17. Introduction to urban design principles

18. Deed restrictions

19. Definition of community development

20. Cluster housing

Moving from the most broadly applicable to the most specific resources we suggest for you this month, check out these:

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has teamed up with the Congress for the New Urbanism on a highly recommended and readable 24-page report about small-scale incremental changes that a city can make to improve walkability, community vibrancy, housing affordability, and attractiveness without redoing its entire zoning ordinance. This approach will be welcome in many communities that feel they cannot afford the financial or political costs of a wholesale rewrite. Download Enabling Better Places: A Handbook for Improved Neighborhoods here.

Timely for many will be a guide to enhancing the environmental value of public land called "Public Lands, We the People: Creating a Healthy and Just Future for All."

We see hope that many communities are finally grappling with fairness to Native Americans. This guide, entitled "Changing the Narrative About Native Americans: A Guide for Allies", will be helpful.

These answers to our website visitors' questions are new this month:

Property Upkeep Code to Protect Neighborhood Quality

Becoming Certified as a CDC

You will receive the next monthly email in February, 2021. Please forward this email to a friend who is interested in community work or to your entire neighborhood or community association board. Your replies to this e-mail are welcome.

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