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Your June Useful Community Plus
June 06, 2024

See the latest at the Useful Community Development website. This month: Low-Impact Development

The big news this month is that we are changing our name from Useful Community Development to A Good Community, with the tagline How to Make and Keep It. Our existing name is just too long to fit current trends.

We'll be transferring the site the weekend of June 14-16. As always with these things, some glitches are to be expected. For about a week after this, we expect you might encounter a few weird behaviors, but we are preparing as best we can.

There's nothing you as a subscriber need to do, and the old website name will redirect to the new one quite efficiently.

Eventually we will rename this mailing, but we will stick with the current name for a couple of months so you won't think someone is spamming you.

We are deleting a few pages that seem obsolete or too obscure for a neighborhood-scale leader audience. The focus of the new site will be sharper and more on target. The organization will be a bit simpler too. We think you will like the changes.

Just to give you a tiny bit of helpful content this month, we have been reading about low-impact development. When I first heard this term, developers thought that it meant only that stormwater drainage off of parking lots and such should be directed into retention islands lying below the grade of the parking surface instead of diverting it around mounded dividers between rows. But now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has adopted a much more expansive definition. If you haven't caught up, enjoy reading these resource pieces from EPA:

For example, here's a short publication about how barriers to more LID adoption can be addressed.

We liked the publication about LID for builders that we saw recently.

This EPA paper about nonpoint source pollution in urban areas also gives some great insight.

We will send the next issue of Community Development Plus on a Thursday in July. We will announce the new name at that time. Reply to this email if you have a comment. For questions, please use the public-facing page to ask your question. We answer them on a page that becomes viewable on our website, but your email address won't show and you can be anonymous if you wish.

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