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Your February Useful Community Plus
February 25, 2022

This Month: Plazas and Parks

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February, 2022

OK, in the northern hemisphere, spring is on the way. It's time to start discussing how your plazas, parks, and pedestrian streets contribute to or detract from pleasant and functional public spaces. We will give you a few resources from our website and then leave you with some photos that should start the conversation. Pick out at least one plus and one minus of each photo.

If you are a community development beginner, start with our community beautification page. Most of you need to plan how to clean up a neighborhood park for spring.

Smaller towns are in perpetual need of developing and maintaining small town character, but all but the tiniest villages can benefit from thinking about adding a fountain or an amphitheater.

Major projects might include redoing your streetscape, adding or updating street lighting, or adding some community murals.

Here are some plazas or pedestrian spaces that you could discuss with your significant other or community organization.

Be sure that your neighborhood association or HOA is aware of some of our spring newsletter ideas.

As usual this month we answered a couple of questions from website visitors:

Federal funding equity for communities of color, specifically focused on the large U.S. federal spending bills called the CARES Act, American Rescue Plan Act, and the infrastructure act.

How to remove a 30-year-old deed restriction

See you in March.

Feel free to reply with comments. If you are asking a question you would like answered, be sure to use the public-facing community development questions page on the website.

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