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Your April Useful Community Plus
April 20, 2023

This month: Making It Easier for You to Find Information

Visit us at the Useful Community Development Website.

Summer's almost here! Help your communications person get ready with our summer newsletter and email ideas.

This month we redid our lists of pages on our website that are of interest to different audiences and for different geographical situations. We started these lists because we recognize that there are myriad ways to organize information and advice about community development, and many if not most of our pages could be indexed in more than one way.

If our navigation menu and search bar don't help you find what you are curious about, see if one of our lists below won't help you go right to highly relevant pages.

By the way, we update these about every six months on the Sitemap page of our site (on the navigation on every page).

What's your role, community type, or interest?

Neighborhood Topics

Challenged City Neighborhoods

Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

Planning Commissioners

Local Government Officials

Code Enforcement

Business Districts

Suburban Topics

Rural Topics

Regional Perspective

International Developing Nations

Greenway Planning

Arts and Community Development

HOA Boards and Members

Congregational Leaders

Even though there are four of us working on aspects of this website, none of us will be available in May or June to prepare a decent newsletter. We decided to take a hiatus, and we'll be back in your Inbox in late July. Some of us are traveling and sure to bring back a fresh stash of photos, ideas, and examples about how to make your cities and neighborhoods better.

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